WATCH: Solving poverty through more jobs and better wages

Earlier I made the point that the best way to combat poverty is to create jobs and raise wages. Thanks to Government policy, net wages for someone on the minimum wage is up 39% since 2010, while CPI is up just 19%.

You can read my question and the minister’s response in full here:

Chris –
Isn’t the way to combat poverty and create prosperity, creating jobs and raising wages? And in that context isn’t it welcome that a combination of the massive increase in minimum wage and the increase in the personal allowance since 2010 have increased the net wages of someone working on the minimum wage by 39% when CPI during that period has been only 19%.

Minister –
Well as always the Honourable Gentleman is on top of the figures and sets out very clearly, the positive story that this government has to tell. But as I say, there is no room for complacency. This Government is committed to getting as many people back into work and we welcome the record figures that exist at the moment.