WATCH: Sadiq Khan Leaves Crystal Palace Sports Centre to Rot

Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, for decades the home of British sport, has been left to rot by Sadiq Khan, whose Greater London Authority own the site.

March 2023 marks three years since the Olympic-sized swimming and diving pools were closed due to leaks. Other facilities at the Centre, including the once world class athletics stadium, have also been neglected and were recently temporarily closed for safety reasons.

It is a mark of shame on London that such an important GLA-owned facility has been allowed to become derelict on the watch of Mayor Sadiq Khan. Londoners, including local Labour MPs Ellie Reeves, are fed up with Khan’s inaction.

Although he has at various points in the last few years promised to upgrade parts of Crystal Palace, Khan’s dire track record of mismanagement and broken promises leaves me with little confidence that this work will get done.