WATCH: life for child murderers, probation, and the public services

Whole life sentences for child murderers

Yesterday (19 November 2019) I appeared on Politics Live earlier today. The Conservatives have announced whole life sentences for child murderers. If an adult over 21 is found guilty of premeditated child murder they will receive a whole life order (ie never be released) outside of exceptional circumstances.

Probation services

I also discussed the major funding increases and changes to probation services that the Conservatives are bringing in. We will be making important improvements to probation, so that when prisoners are released and re-enter society they have more chance of re-integrating.

Public services and the economy

Responsible economic management by the Conservatives mean taxes have been cut for 31 million working people by raising the income tax threshold. If Corbyn’s Labour Party take over it will be a disaster for the economy, and end up costing everyone.