Three planning applications for flats that would destroy family homes – you can object

You may be aware of the planning applications for Hartley Old Road, Kenley Lane and Biddulph Road. I am writing to let you know that the application is being heard by the Planning Committee on: Thursday 21st January.

I think this is a terrible proposal and I have lodged a strong objection to it.

In essence my concerns with these schemes are as follow:

11 Hartley Old Road, Purley CR8 4HH 

Re: Demolition of single-family dwellinghouse and erection of 1x three-storey block containing 3x 2-bedroom flats and 4x 3-bedroom flats; and 2x 4-bedroom semidetached houses with associated access, car parking, cycle and refuse storage. 

  1. The proposal for 7 new homes spread over three storeys in a block of flats plus two large semi-detached houses would be a significant overdevelopment of this site due to its density, size, footprint, scale and massing
  2. The proposal fails to respect the local development pattern, layout and siting and completely dominates the plot; neighbouring properties are generously spaced and respect the trees and green character of the area
  3. The development would be detrimental to the amenities of the occupiers of the neighbouring properties by reason of its mass, design and siting resulting in increased visual intrusion and loss of privacy
  4. Proposed frontage car parking is dominant and would be out of character
  5. Significant concreting over of garden space; concerns about the impact on mature trees and natural habitat for wildlife
  6. Inadequate parking for residents and visitors
  7. Lack of consideration of any impact on local infrastructure: eg parking, schools, GPs, drainage

Sycamores, Kenley Lane, Kenley CR8 5DF 

Re: 20/02074/FUL  Demolition of existing single dwelling and construction of a building comprising 9 flats, associated vehicle and cycle parking, refuse storage and hard and soft landscaping. 

  1. The proposal for 9 new homes to replace one single family detached property would be a significant over-development of this site due to its size, height, footprint, bulk, density and massing and would be detrimental to the street scene and local verdant context
  2. The proposed flat roof contemporary design and intensification is more suited to an urban environment than this semi-rural green and leafy site: it would be visually dominating and harmful to the street-scene.
  3. Detrimental impact on adjoining occupiers due to overlooking and loss of privacy
  4. Insufficient parking provision for residents and visitors
  5. Concreting over of garden space; the loss of trees, natural vegetation and natural habitat
  6. Detrimental impact upon the viewed setting of the Grade 11 Listed Kenley Stationmasters House and the Croydon Panorama from Riddlesdown
  7. Concerns around impact upon flood risk in this local area
  8. Lack of consideration of any impact on local infrastructure: eg schools, GPs and drainage

27-29 Biddulph Road, South Croydon CR2 6QB 

Re: 19/04067/FUL Demolition of the existing properties and construction of 27 no. apartments with associated bin storage, cycle parking, car parking and electric charging points. 

  1. The proposal for the demolition of the current 3 family bungalows and construction of 27 flats spread across a three/four storey building, would be a significant overdevelopment of this site due to its design, size, depth, density, footprint, bulk and massing
  2. The proposed flat roofed proposal would be completely out of character with the neighbouring pitched roof properties within the surrounding area and would be detrimental to the street-scene.
  3. There would be a detrimental impact on the amenities of adjoining occupiers due to the bulk, height and massing as well as overlooking and loss of privacy
  4. Concreting over of garden space and the loss of trees/natural vegetation and natural habitat
  5. Insufficient parking provision and access and highways/pedestrian safety concerns
  6. Concerns about the impact of this intensive development upon the local infrastructure eg parking, healthcare, schools

If you share my concerns and haven’t commented to date then you can still do so up until the decision date via the Council’s website at

In the past when the Planning Committee has considered these kind of applications the 4 Conservative councillors on the committee have voted against such inappropriate development, but the six Labour councillors have chosen to vote for.

The Planning Committee Meeting will be webcast and you can view this at:

There is nothing in national planning law or policy requiring the council to pass applications such as this. Neighbouring Boroughs such as Sutton and Bromley do not pass applications like this, despite being subject to the same national policy.

I very much hope that this application will be refused and that you will find this information helpful.