LISTEN: The Brexit Dividend and NHS Funding

I was on Jeremy Vine’s show discussing the Government’s long term plan for funding the NHS and the Brexit Dividend. You can watch the video in full above:

The full plan for funding NHS spending increases will be laid out in November 2018 budget, well ahead of start of spending increases in April 2019. By 2023 appears the fiscal Brexit dividend will be around £7b per year*, or 40% of full £20b per year NHS increase.

This ignores the cash we will get back from the EU over time (c £40b) for our stake in the European Investment Bank – so Brexit fiscal dividend may be higher than £7b when that is factored in.*Gross EU contribution £17b, less £4b rebate, less £4b for EU spending we will replace (mostly science research and farm support) gives £9b. Half of the £39b divorce bill paid by 2021, so remaining half, or £20b paid over 10 years = £2b per year. £9b less £2b gives £7b dividend.