Stop Sadiq Khan’s New Car Tax!

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan plans to expand his Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) to Greater London, including most of Croydon South. If Khan gets his wish, those of us who drive older vehicles to get to work, for the school run, or to attend vital appointments will be charged £12.50 a day – and up to a huge £4,562.50 a year – just for going about our daily business.

What’s more, this will also affect friends and family coming to visit, and no doubt deter people from coming into Croydon for business and to shop.

With global food shortages and high fuel costs caused by Putin’s illegal war in Ukraine increasing the cost of living, the Labour Mayor of London now seems intent on making life even harder for ordinary people and local businesses. Let’s not forget that Khan has already hiked council tax, increasing his share of the Greater London Authority precept by almost 9% this year.

It strikes me that ULEZ is a deeply regressive tax that will impact those who can least afford the charge the most. For some residents who can afford it, the tax may push them to buy an electric vehicle. However, many others will be forced to pay the tax – with no way to switch to a cleaner vehicle and poor public transport options after the Mayor of London’s bus cuts.

Yes, we must reduce pollution levels and improve air quality in London. But there are better ways to do this than expanding the ULEZ to Greater London to penalise hard working people.


I plan to write to Sadiq Khan to express the dissatisfaction of local residents to his terrible plans, which is why I need you to help by signing my petition here.

Please share this widely as soon as possible – the survey ends on 29th July.