Seven reasons to re-elect Chris Philp

1. Keep an energetic and effective local MP

Over the last four years Chris has successfully campaigned for our area, including:

– £350m to help fix Brighton Mainline problems
– £22m for a new A&E at Croydon Hospital (Mayday)
– Morning opening hours at Purley Hospital GP Hub
– Getting the Purley Skyscraper “Called In” to put it on hold
– Secured a one third cut in Business Rates for small shops

2. 100+ more Police for Croydon

Chris and the Conservatives have committed to 20,000 extra Police nationally. It is estimated over 100 of these will come to Croydon. Serious criminals will also spend more of their sentences in jail under Conservative plans.

3. Protect the NHS & Schools

NHS spending is at record levels and will get a £33 billion increase over the next 4 years. More GPs are being recruited and we have already seen a brand new A&E open for Croydon. Croydon Schools are getting a 7% funding increase next year – the second highest in the whole country, and around 4x the rate of inflation.

4. Fight Labour’s Planning Disaster

Croydon’s Labour council has been granting indiscriminate planning consents. Chris has been leading the campaign against this. A vote for Chris shows your support for his campaign, and opposition to what Labour is doing to our Borough

5. End the Brexit Uncertainty

Brexit arguments have dragged on far too long. An exit deal has been agreed with the EU that respects the referendum result, protects trade and allows us all to move on. Chris will vote for it. Labour and the Lib Dems just offer more argument and uncertainty.

6. A strong economy

Chris has a background in business. Business creates jobs and generates the tax revenue to fund public services. We now have 45-year record low unemployment, wages rising at twice the level of inflation and large minimum wage increases to help those on low incomes. Corbyn and McDonnell would put all this at risk.

7. Stop Jeremy Corbyn

In Croydon South it’s a simple choice: energetic local MP Chris Philp or Jeremy Corbyn – whose extravagant promises would rapidly bankrupt the country and who would endanger our national security

Re-elect Chris Philp as an energetic and effective local MP