Sanderstead Planning Success!

I am delighted to let you know that two further proposals to demolish family homes in Sanderstead were recently refused planning permission.

The first proposal, at 62 The Ridge Way, sought to replace a single existing home with eight new properties, parking, landscaping and a children’s play area. It is fantastic that Planning Officers used delegated powers to refuse permission to this scheme, after finding that it would represent a significant overdevelopment of the site due to the size and scale of the proposed buildings.

The second proposal, at 31 Beech Avenue, sought to demolish a two-storey detached house and garage to construct a building containing six flats and three detached two-storey houses. Using delegated powers, Planning Officers also refused permission to this scheme, after finding that the proposed development would have harmed the amenities and privacy of neighbouring properties. Owing to the proposed scale and size of the block of flats, it was also found that the character of the road would be significantly harmed.

It is fantastic that planning decisions – made by the Planning Committee or officers – now consider well-reasoned objections. I, like many residents, raised objections to these proposals, and it is great that that after many years of being ignored our views are finally being heard.

However, we of course need more homes. It is important though that they are in appropriate places. Family homes in green suburbs should not be destroyed and replaced by flats, which are better suited in Croydon Town Centre and closer to Central London. I will continue to fight to protect the character of our neighbourhood!