Sadiq Khan’s broken promises and £5million in wasted taxpayer’s money

I appeared on LBC as a phone in guest condemning the use of £5million in taxpayers’ money as redundancy pay offs to TfL executives.

LBC has uncovered figures showing that TfL has been paying six figure sums in redundancy packages to executives at TfL.

The 49 executives and top end managers are being given an average of £102,000 each in compensation – out of a total of a £5million pot of public money.

This is a catastrophic waste of taxpayers’ money.

These redundancies are supposedly taking place as part of Sadiq Khan’s pledge to freeze train fares – a pledge that he has already gone back on.

Before the election Sadiq Khan promised a fare freeze for all London residents. He has broken this promise. The fare freeze that the new mayor is offering is only a small proportion of what he offered voters – the price freeze will only apply single tickets and not to oyster cards or Travelcards, making it essentially meaningless to most commuters. This freeze is now little more than an excuse for Sadiq to waste taxpayers’ money.

You can listen to my full interview here –