Dear All,

RE: Planning Application News – 79 Riddlesdown Road

I am pleased to report that a shocking plan to demolish a family home at 79 Riddlesdown Road, Purley and replace it with a large and ugly bock of flats, has been refused.  This is a welcome further example of the new approach to planning being taken by the Conservative-run planning committee – by contrast to the previous Labour-run committee which used to wave every application through.

Amongst the reasons given for refusal were:

  • The development would have resulted in a building that was excessive in scale, depth, mass, bulk and height whilst also resulting in a significant amount of engineering across the site. The development proposals would therefore have been out of character with the immediate area and would result in harm to the visual amenity of the street scene and the suburban character of the area.
  • The proposed development, by way of its excessive scale, overbearing appearance and perceived dominance to the adjoining occupiers at numbers 79A and 81 Riddlesdown Road, would cause harm to neighbouring living conditions through the creation of a sense of enclosure and loss of outlook and privacy.

Of course, new homes are needed, especially for younger people trying to get on the property ladder for the first time. But the right place for new flats is Croydon town centre, central London and brownfield sites – not green suburbs like ours. We need to protect much-needed family homes for families.

I am determined to protect the character of our areas, and this refusal helps to do that.