Today is polling day

Dear All,

Today is polling day.  I hope you will agree that I have been an active local MP, who has got things done for our area.

This includes the new A&E at Croydon Hospital, all-day opening at Purley Hospital GP Hub, the deployment of live facial recognition in Croydon town centre (catching 135 criminals in recent months), supporting Mayor Jason Perry to stop the indiscriminate planning consents the last Labour council previously granted, supporting Jason to remove the bollards on Brighton Road recently and also campaigning to change the Governance model of Croydon to introduce an elected Mayor in the first place (after the previous Labour administration bankrupted the Borough).

Looking forwards, I am working to ensure Purley has a new pool (the planning application is already in); to make sure Coulsdon has a new banking centre (it is scheduled to open by next March); to deliver a new medical centre for Coulsdon (I got the £9.8m funding commitment in February); to press Westfield to get on with the new desperately needed development in Croydon town centre; and to protect the character of our neighbourhood across Sanderstead, Park Hill and Whitgift, Kenley, South Croydon, Riddlesdown, Purley and Coulsdon.

By contrast, Labour bankrupted Croydon and tried to concrete over our neighbourhood when they ran the council – an appalling administration that was shockingly supported by my Labour opponent in this election.

Your vote for me will also help prevent the Labour super-majority that the national opinion polls indicate is likely. With the national result looking fairly clear already, this also means that where your vote today makes the most difference is in deciding who represents you locally here.

If you would like me to continue to get things done for our area – which I would love to do – I need your support today.

With best wishes,