Purley Oaks Recycling Centre

There have been huge problems at the Purley Oaks Recycling Centre recently resulting in queues around the block. I have been stuck in one of these myself and therefore share the frustration of the many people who have contacted me about it. The council’s cancellation of the free green garden waste collection has put extra pressure on the centre.

I am in touch with the council asking for the opening hours to be extended. Another key problem is the large recycling containers being moved or emptied during the current opening hours. This causes the site to be temporarily closed for around 30 minutes, exacerbating the problem of queuing. I have asked the council to stop doing this, and instead empty or move the bins outside opening hours.

Since the constraints on opening hours are due to a permit from the Environment Agency, I have notified the Council that I would be fully supportive of any application to the Environment Agency for a permit to extend the opening hours.

I understand the Council has upgraded the road markings and introduced yellow box junctions and associated lining. Whilst this will allow for smoother traffic flow in the area, it will not alleviate the problems with queuing. I will be monitoring this situation very closely and continuing to press for action by the council the sort out this mess. Sign the petition to #CutTheQueues here