Planning Win On Arkwright Rd!

I am pleased to report that a proposal to demolish existing dwellings at 34a and 34b Arkwright Road to construct a three-storey building containing nine dwellings, along with associated parking, access, and landscaping, was refused planning permission last month.

I am very pleased that the Planning Committee voted 6-4 to refuse permission to this scheme, after finding that it contradicted multiple planning policies. It is fantastic that planning decisions are now being properly made – either by the Planning Committee or officers – after careful consideration and with respect to well-reasoned objections. I joined with Cllr Helen Redfern in strongly objecting to this proposal because it represented a significant overdevelopment due to its size and footprint, which would fail to respect the character of Arkwright Road and the detrimental impact such an imposing building would have on the privacy of existing neighbouring properties. It is fantastic that the over 150 residents who joined me in opposing this project have been listened to!