Over 7,000 Apprenticeship Starts in Croydon South Since 2010

As an experienced entrepreneur before entering Parliament, I have long believed that apprenticeships are excellent ways for students to enter the world of work, helping them to build new skills and gain vital industry knowledge – all while being paid.

It is fantastic news that 7,360 new apprenticeships have been created in Croydon South since 2010 thanks to successive Conservative governments – as part of our drive to enhance skills and productivity in our economy. In total, over 5.3 million apprenticeships have been created across England during this period.

As well as increasing the number of apprenticeships available, I am encouraged that my Government colleagues in the Department for Education are also improving the quality of apprenticeships. £2.3 billion of additional funding has been announced for 2023-24 and 2023-25 – with colleges that deliver skills and training getting the most focused support.