Our Country

I want the best for our country, and everyone who lives here. These are my priorities:

Protect the NHS: Conservatives have increased NHS spending to record levels and will increase it even more next year if re-elected. There are thousands more doctors and nurses working on hospital Wards now than in 2010 and plans are underway to recruit more GPs. Croydon Hospital had a brand new A&E this year and further upgrades are planned. Conservatives will always defend the NHS.

More Police: Crime recorded by the national Crime Survey is much lower now than when Conservatives came to office. But we must do more – and are recruiting 20,000 extra Police Officers, of which over 100 are estimated to be destined for Croydon. We are also making sure serious criminals spend more of their sentence in Jail. Locally, Chris Philp is campaigning for a Police base in the Purley or Coulsdon area.

End BREXIT Uncertainty: The BREXIT uncertainty has gone on for too long, with Labour and the Lib Dems in Parliament voting for delays. The Prime Minister has recently negotiated an exit deal which delivers the referendum result and protects trade. It also paves the way for an ambitious Free Trade Deal with the EU. If elected, Conservatives will pass the Prime Minister’s exit deal immediately (with Chris’s support) and then we can all move on from the BREXIT uncertainty. We will then agree a strong Free Trade deal with the EU to keen trade moving between the UK and EU – which serves both our interests. Labour and Lib Dem plans would simply prolong the uncertainty.

Investing in Education: There are now far more schools which are Ofsted rated “Good” or “Outstanding” than there were in 2010. But there is more to do, and schools across the country are getting increases in their funding. In Croydon, this means a 7% spending increase next year on top of above-inflation increases this year and last year.

A Strong Economy: The last Labour Government left behind a huge deficit and high unemployment. The Conservatives have reduced the deficit from 10% to under 2% of GDP and halved unemployment. Wages are rising faster than inflation, and the minimum wage has been increased a huge 38% by the Conservatives to help those on lower incomes. Conservatives have also cut business rates for small shops by a third – following a campaign started by Purley shopkeepers. By encouraging business we are able to create jobs and wage growth, and generate the taxes to responsibly fund public services. By contrast, Labour’s Marxist Shadow Chancellor John MacDonnell would destroy jobs and take Britain back to the brink of bankruptcy.