Our Country

I want the best for our country, and everyone who lives here. These are my priorities:

Creating jobs
2.5 million more jobs have been created since 2010 – that’s 1,000 every day. Even more jobs will be created if we support business better. That means keeping taxes and regulation to a minimum.

Opportunities for every child
Children from all backgrounds should be able to fulfil their potential. There are now 1.8 million more children in good or outstanding schools compared to 2010. We need to keep giving our young people every chance. I support the expansion of Grammar Schools and would like to see one in Croydon. I also support pro-active measures to make sure more children from disadvantaged backgrounds get in.

A Brexit that works
The British public voted to leave the EU and that vote must be respected and fully implemented. After Brexit, I want to see full free trade with the EU. I also want people to have the ability to move between the EU and the UK where they have skills to offer and can make a real contribution.

Controlled immigration 
Immigration should only be for skilled people who are genuinely working and making a contribution. New arrivals should not receive benefits until they have invested in the system for some time. Immigrants committing a serious crime should be immediately deported.

Protecting the NHS 
A Conservative government will keep giving the NHS the funding it needs. Funding has already been increased by £6 billion a year in the last two years. Under the Conservatives, there are 10,000 more doctors and 11,000 more nurses than in 2010. This growth needs to continue.