Opposed: Plans To Replace Family Home On West Hill With Block Of Flats


Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of 8 residential units in a 3 storey building with associated parking, cycle and refuse storage. 

56 West Hill, South Croydon, CR2 0SA.

You may be aware of the above planning application to demolish the family house at 56 West Hill and build a 3 storey block of 8 flats on the site. This is a terrible proposal and I have lodged a strong objection to it.

In essence, my concerns are:

  1. The proposal for 8 units spread over three storeys would be a significant overdevelopment of this site due to its height, size, footprint, bulk and massing.
  2. The design, height and type of building proposal is completely out of character with the traditionally designed properties within the surrounding area and will be detrimental to the street scene.
  3. The flank walls are bland and uninteresting, adding to the massing effect of the proposed block of flats which would be out of keeping with the appearance of the local area.
  4. The proposal fails to respect the local development pattern, layout and siting and totally dominates the plot. Neighbouring properties, however, are generously spaced and respect the trees and green character of the area.
  5. The proposed building fails to respect the sensitive location of Croham Hurst Woods – a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) immediately opposite the proposed site.
  6. Detrimental impact on the amenities of the adjoining occupiers due to the dominance, size and height of the proposal.
  7. Concreting over of garden space causing the loss of vegetation and natural habitat for local wildlife.

If you share my concerns and haven’t commented to date then you can still do so via the Council’s website at https://new.croydon.gov.uk/planning-and-regeneration/planning/comment-or-object-planning-application

This application is being heard by the Planning Committee on Thursday 1st July at 18:00. Members of the public are welcome to attend this meeting, however, the Council recommends that you watch the meeting remotely via the following link: https://webcasting.croydon.gov.uk/croydon/meetings/12681

If you would like to attend in person, please note that spaces are extremely limited and are allocated on a first come first served basis. If you would like to attend in person please email democratic.services@croydon.gov.uk by 5pm the working day prior to the meeting to register your interest.

In the past when the Planning Committee has considered this kind of application the four Conservative councillors on the committee have voted against such inappropriate development, but the six Labour councillors have chosen to vote in favour. You may therefore also like to let the Labour Planning Committee Members know of your concerns.

Their email addresses are:

Cllr Chris Clark – chris.clark2@croydon.gov.uk Chair of the Planning Committee

Cllr Leila Ben-Hassell – leila.ben-hassel@croydon.gov.uk Vice Chair

Cllr Clive Fraser clive.fraser@croydon.gov.uk

Cllr Joy Prince – joy.prince@croydon.gov.uk

Cllr Jamie Audsley – jamie.audsley@croydon.gov.uk

Cllr Humayun Kabir – humayun.kabir@croydon.gov.uk

There is nothing in national planning law or policy requiring the council to pass applications such as this. Neighbouring Boroughs such as Sutton and Bromley do not pass applications like this, despite being subject to the same national policy.

I very much hope that this application will be refused and that you will find this information helpful.