Opposed: plans to install a ticketing system at Tesco, Purley


Installation of 2 automatic number plate recognition cameras and 10 automated ticket validation terminals to the car park with associated works.

Tesco Superstore, 8 Purely Road, Purley, CR8 2HA. 

You may be aware of the above planning application for Tesco in Purely. While the application has been withdrawn, we must all keep in mind that the proposals could come back in the future at any time.

In essence, my concerns are that this scheme would be inappropriate for the following reasons:

  1. Former planning consent has been granted with S106 agreements containing conditions and clauses that the car park should be free for the first three hours for all users, regardless of whether drivers shop within the Tesco store. The reasons for this were to allow shoppers to use other shops in Purley Town Centre whilst deterring long term and/or rail commuter parking. Those reasons still stand.
  2. Tesco’s themselves have chosen to reduce the number of car parking spaces by extending the footprint of the store, by building a fuel station on the site and by introducing a car valeting service into the car park.
  3. Capacity and congestion issues are likely to worsen as customers are delayed by having to register both their vehicle number and then scan proof of purchase.
  4. Tesco already has a 3 hour rule in the car park which could be enforced.
  5. The proposal would be unfair on customers just visiting the in-store pharmacy for NHS prescriptions and on those just returning an item for a refund.
  6. It’s unclear from the application what happens if the store is closed.
  7. Taking away the right of Purley shoppers to park for free here in order to visit other shops in Purley Town Centre would be at odds with the ambitions of Purley BID, of which Purley Tesco plays an important member role in supporting all businesses in Purley Town Centre.

I would like to thank everyone who helped oppose this damaging idea. I will of course continue to monitor this situation for any further developments.