Opposed: Demolition of Family Homes for 67 Flats in Purley

You may be aware of another completely inappropriate development for Purley Town Centre. This one would see the demolition of three pairs of semi-detached family homes at numbers 11 through 21 Banstead Road, Purley, to make way for six storey buildings containing 67 flats.

This application is being heard by Croydon Council’s Planning Committee on Thursday 21st October 2021. The meeting starts at 6:30pm in Council Chamber, Town Hall, Katherine Street, Croydon, CR0 1NX.

Members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting, however, you can watch the meeting remotely via the following link: https://civico.net/croydon/meetings/13697

If you would like to attend in person please note that spaces are extremely limited and are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. If you would like to attend in person please email michelle.gerning@croydon.gov.uk by 5pm the working day prior to the meeting to register your interest.

21/02832/FUL 11 to 21 Banstead Road, Purley, CR8 3EB

Demolition of three pairs of semi-detached houses and associated structures, erection of six storey buildings to provide 67 residential units, together with new access and closure of existing accesses, provision of disabled parking, and cycle parking, refuse storage, landscaping and improvements to the public realm on Banstead Road.

I am writing to lodge my objection to the above planning application. My reasons are as follows:

  1. Serious concerns about the cumulative impact of another high density development in Purley Town Centre – and particularly one in close proximity to the very large development at Mosaic Place – on such a very busy gyratory road.
  2. Substantial concerns regarding the level of built form and quantum of development proposed, which would appear cramped and excessive. It would fail to integrate successfully within the immediate surroundings and would be detrimental to the street scene.
  3. The proposal for 4 blocks of accommodation – a pair of 6 storey blocks at the front and a pair of 4 storey blocks at the rear would be an over-intensive form of development on this site.
  4. The design and height of the blocks proposed are completely out of character with the suburban context transitioning from the centre of Purley up Banstead Road and there is a lack of any significant balancing in the visual impact of the development; it is in this respect detrimental to the street scene.
  5. The massing, height and design of the rear blocks fail to respect the softer context of the lower height family homes set in generous suburban gardens at the rear of the site in Purley Knoll.
  6. The scheme fails to respect the two storey buildings at Purley Baptist Church and the Grade 2 Listed Purley Library directly opposite the site.
  7. The proposal to build 67 homes on this site constitutes very considerable over-development and completely fails to respect the suburban character of Purley.
  8. The development would be detrimental to the amenities of the occupiers of the neighbouring properties by reason of its mass, design and siting, resulting in increased visual intrusion and loss of privacy.
  9. Poor quality amenities for occupiers of some of the proposed units in terms of accommodation and environment; inadequate quality amenity space.
  10. The proposal fails to meet Council policy requirements in terms of the number of three-bedroom homes and affordable homes.
  11. The scheme fails to respect or retain the sense of green and verdant frontages which are a key characteristic of the existing site and its context.
  12. Inadequate car parking provision for residents and visitors.
  13. Loss of mature trees and hedges and the associated natural habitats.
  14. The cumulative impact of this development on local infrastructure, such as drainage and flooding, schools and healthcare.

If you share my concerns and haven’t commented to date then you can still do so up until the decision date via the Council’s website at https://new.croydon.gov.uk/planning-and-regeneration/planning/comment-or-object-planning-application

In the past when the Planning Committee has considered this kind of application the four Conservative councillors on the committee have voted against such inappropriate development, but the six Labour councillors have chosen to vote in favour. You may therefore also like to let the Labour Planning Committee members know of your concerns.

Their email addresses are:
Cllr Chris Clark – chris.clark2@croydon.gov.uk – Chair of the Planning Committee
Cllr Leila Ben-Hassel – leila.ben-hassel@croydon.gov.uk – Vice Chair
Cllr Clive Fraser – clive.fraser@croydon.gov.uk
Cllr Joy Prince – joy.prince@croydon.gov.uk
Cllr Jamie Audsley – jamie.audsley@croydon.gov.uk
Cllr Humayun Kabir – humayun.kabir@croydon.gov.uk

There is nothing in national planning law or policy requiring the council to pass applications such as this. Neighbouring Boroughs such as Sutton and Bromley do not pass applications like this, despite being subject to the same national policy.

I very much hope that this application will be refused and that you will find this information helpful. Please do share this so that as many people as possible are aware of this latest terrible scheme in our local area.