One Million Meals

One Million Meals is a charitable organisation working with restaurants and food outlets to provide NHS workers with meals during this pandemic. Medical staff in hospitals across the UK are working 16 to 18 hours shifts and often don’t have the time to buy or make a proper meal for themselves. The campaign has over 100 volunteers and is working with restaurants to provide food for over 30 hospitals in London and the Midlands.

Grand Sapphire Hotel in Croydon has donated thousands of meals as a contribution to various hospitals including Croydon University Hospital (Mayday) and hospitals across London through the One Million Meals campaign. However the demand for the food for NHS workers is growing every day.

This means that restaurants are finding it harder to provide meals for their local hospitals’ growing demands. One Million Meals have decided to appeal to British public so they can continue to help our heroes working for the NHS. Within just a few days they managed to raise £20,000. The aim is to ensure that 100% of the donations go to providing and delivering hot, healthy meals to NHS workers. Many Croydon based businesses have already joined the campaign and donated to this amazing cause.

If you want to support this campaign by donating to feed our key workers and NHS staff you can do so here –

100% of your donations will go towards providing and delivering hot, healthy meals to NHS workers. For more information you can visit

I would like to thank everyone involved with the One Million Meals campaign for the amazing work they are putting in and Grand Sapphire London for everything they are doing.