Newsflash-NHS set to buy Coulsdon Medical Centre

I have just received some fantastic news that I wanted to pass on right away.

The council marketed the car park site at the former CALAT centre off Malcom Road, Coulsdon, as it was obliged to do, and has now received bids and made a decision. I am delighted to say that the local NHS bid has won!  They will now move towards Heads of Terms and Exchange of Contract.  This means that the much-needed new GP and medical centre is set to go ahead, once the final NHS approvals are obtained.

I would like to thank Croydon Mayor Jason Perry and local councillors Ian Parker, Mario Creatura, Luke Shortland, Margaret Bird and Nikhil Thampi for their campaigning over a number of years, supported by local residents’ groups.   I would also like to thank local Croydon NHS CEO Matthew Kershaw for his persistence with this project (and I apologise to him for being constantly on his back about this for the last couple of years).

Some of you will have seen the letter from the Department of Health and Social Care to the local NHS dated 12th February (copy below) confirming that capital funding is available in principle for this project.  This follows some very intensive lobbying I conducted of both the relevant DHSC Minister, Lord Markham, and the South West London Integrated Care Board to make sure that the project was prioritised and the capital funding of £9.8 million identified.

Once final NHS project approvals are obtained, which I am hoping will be successful and happen very soon, a planning application will then rapidly be made and physical work on site should then start by the summer.

The adjacent dialysis centre (in the old building) has also been sold by the council to an investor, and there is a relatively recent 25 year lease in place to the NHS who will continue to operate the dialysis centre from the site under the terms of the lease, by which the new owner will continue to be bound.

The sale of these two sites should not only ensure their use by the NHS but also raises some much-needed money for the council to pay down a little of the enormous debt mountain that the incompetent and disgraced former Labour council left behind when they were ejected from office in 2022.

Many thanks to everyone who has worked on progressing this project.  I will keep pressing it forwards and keep everyone updated as we get further news.