New funding for a new grammar school site?

I have requested funding for a satellite grammar school site in the south of the Borough from the Secretary of State for Education.

The suggested satellite school would be a joint effort between Sutton Grammar School and Wallington Girls, and would be open to children living in the Borough.

The satellite site would see a joint intake of both girls and boys and provide an opportunity for top level education for children from all backgrounds.

A 2015 study found that 99 percent of grammar school children achieved grade A-C at GCSE level, opposed to just 66 percent at comprehensive schools.

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, has recently supported a new grammar school annex in her own constituency of Maidenhead and has indicated wider support nationally.

I am a strong supporter of grammar schools, and I believe that there is definitely a lot to be said for more grammar school places in the Borough.

I have written to Justine Greening, the new Secretary of State for Schools, for funding on this joint project. She has said in the past that she is open minded about new grammar schools, and I believe that the case in the south of the Borough more than merits the new satellite site.

There is currently a lack of grammar school places in the borough. The statistics show that children in grammar schools consistently outperform those from comprehensive schools; and this quality education is an opportunity that I think we should be able to provide children living here.

In my own experience grammar schools have proven an excellent way to help children from poorer backgrounds achieve their full potential. I want this chance to be given to children living in Croydon and the wider Borough.