My Letter to the Mayor of London on his Planned ULEZ Expansion

As the Member of Parliament for Croydon South, I have written to Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to formally express my constituents’ anger with, and opposition to, his plan to extend the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) to Greater London – including most of our Borough – imposing what is in effect a swinging new tax on residents.

My letter (pictured) was informed by the views of around 5,000 local residents who in a matter of just a few days responded to my petition against Khan’s new car tax.

The letter highlights that the ULEZ is a deeply regressive tax that will impact those who can least afford the charge the most. For some residents who can afford it, the tax may push them to buy an electric vehicle. However, many others will be forced to pay the tax – because they do not have the money to buy a more modern car, and cannot rely on public transport following Khan’s savage bus cuts.

Mayor Khan has allocated £400 million towards his proposed ULEZ expansion. To help reduce pollution levels and improve air quality in London, it is clear that this funding could be better used in other ways – such as accelerating the phasing out of diesel buses in Greater London.