More Good Planning News for Croydon!

Following Labour’s removal from power in Croydon in May, the new Conservative administration has been delivering on their planning promises. The hated SPD2, a developers’ charter, has now been scrapped. Planning decisions are now being properly made after careful examination, instead of simply being waved through by Labour councillors with no proper thought.

I strongly commend Mayor Jason Perry and the new Planning Committee Chair Cllr Michael Neal for their approach, and I will keep working with them on this.

I have long campaigned to end the desecration of our neighbourhood by indiscriminate over-development (as have many individuals and local residents’ associations), and I am so pleased that results are now being delivered. I think it is very important for democracy that when people standing for election promise something, they then deliver it.  And I am delighted that this is now happening.

I have compiled below a list of recent decisions taken by the new Planning Committee, by officers acting under delegated powers, and some other applications that developers have withdrawn due to Croydon’s new approach to planning. I was pleased to hear recently that a developer, who had agreed to buy a house in Purley (intending to destroy it and replace it with flats), had just backed out of the transaction, realising that the game is up.

Of course, we need new flats, but they should be built in town centre areas and on brownfield sites, not built by destroying much-needed family homes and by destroying the character of our neighbourhood.

Thanks to those of you who helped campaign for a Directly Elected Mayor and helped deliver this vital change.

Recent positive planning decisions

Planning Committee – 16th June 2022 

  • 1A Meadow Rise, Coulsdon, CR5 2EH.  Erection of part two/four-storey building to provide nine flats. Five Conservative councillors voted to refuse, four Labour Members voted to give consent and one member abstained.  Result: Permission denied
  • 62 The Ridge Way, Sanderstead, CR2 0LF. Demolition of the existing dwelling and creation of nine new units.  Five Conservative councillors voted to refuse, five Labour Members voted to give consent and the Chair (Conservative) used his casting vote to decline.  Result: Permission denied
  • Braeside & Top Trees, Firs Road, Kenley, CR8 5LD. Demolition of two existing bungalows and the erection of four two-storey plus roof level buildings comprising of eight flats.  Nine councillors voted to refuse, one abstained. Result: Permission denied

Planning Committee – 14th July 2022 

  • 2 Highland Road, Purley, CR8 2HS. Demolition of the existing dwelling. Erection of three storey building comprising eight flats. Five Conservative councillors voted to refuse, five Labour Members voted to give consent and the Chair (Conservative) used his casting vote to decline.  Result: Permission denied
  • 87-89 Foxley Lane, Purley, CR8 3HPDemolition of pair of semi-detached houses and erection of a three-storey building plus accommodation in the roof comprising 22 flats with associated car parking and landscaping. Five Conservative councillors voted to refuse, five Labour Members voted to give consent and the Chair (Conservative) used his casting vote to decline.  Result: Permission denied

Planning Subcommittee – 16th June 2022  

  • 20 Manor Way, Purley, CR8 3BHOutline application for the consideration of access, appearance, layout and scale only for the demolition of existing home and the construction of four single dwelling houses with associated vehicular access and parking. Three Conservative Members voted to refuse, and two Labour Members voted to grant planning. Result: Permission denied

Delegated decisions taken by Officers

  • 52 Welcomes Road, Kenley, CR8 5HD. Demolition of existing home and erection of three detached houses and six car parking spaces.  Date of Decision: 19.05.22. Result: Permission denied
  • 3 Park Road, Kenley, CR8 5AS. Demolition of the existing property, excavation of part of site and the erection of a part three/four storey building to nine apartments. Date of Decision: 24.05.22. Result: Permission denied
  • 1 Langham Dene, Kenley, CR8 5BX. Demolition of existing house and erection of a part three/part-four storey building (with accommodation in the roof space) to provide nine flats.  Date of Decision: 07.06.22. Result: Permission denied
  • 85 Purley Downs Road, South Croydon, CR2 0RJ. Demolition of the existing home and erection of a three-storey building comprising nine flats. Date of Decision: 16.06.22 Result: Permission denied
  • 29 Harewood Road, South Croydon, CR2 7AT.Demolition of existing home and erection of a two-storey residential building (with lower ground floor and roof accommodation), accommodating seven flats. Date of Decision: 30.06.22 Result: Permission denied

Applications withdrawn by the developer

  • Kempfield House, 1 Reedham Park Avenue, Purley, CR8 4BQ. Demolition of existing homes and the erection of a four-storey apartment building comprising 13 flats, and six two-storey houses together with associated landscaping. Withdrawn
  • Land R/O, 279-289 Selsdon Road, South Croydon, CR2 6PS. Demolition of existing garages and erection of a three-storey residential development of 8 flats. Withdrawn.
  • Albury Court, Tanfield Road, CR0 1AP, 9-11 Bramley Hill, CR2 And 30-35 Dering Road, CR0 1DS. The demolition of existing garages and refuse stores; the erection of a residential development comprising a total of 58 new dwellings within eight buildings over seven locations ranging in height from two to six storeys. Withdrawn.