Dear All,

We know that many new homes are needed, especially for younger people trying to get on the property ladder for the first time. However, for far too long in Croydon, family homes in our green suburb have made way for flats that are better suited to town centres and brownfield sites. This has both changed the character of our area and driven up prices of much needed family homes.

A proposal to demolish the existing garages and two storey building comprising six flats at Warrington Court, erect of a four-storey building containing 19 self-contained flats and provide 3x disabled parking bays, amenity areas, refuse and cycle storage was refused by officers.

It was refused for a number of reasons, including it being an overly dominant and incongruent form of development which would result in significant harm to the character and appearance of the area, as well as failing to meet the needs of disabled residents.

I am delighted to see planning decisions are now being properly made after careful consideration and with respect to well-reasoned objections.