London Travelcard Campaign Success!

I’m delighted to report my campaign to stop Mayor of London Sadiq Khan from scrapping the London Travelcard has been successful.

You may recall I wrote in June asking you to sign my petition against Mayor Khan’s terrible plan to scrap the Travelcard – the paper ticket that gives passengers unlimited travel on across all public transport services in London. It was no surprise that over 2,000 Croydon South residents signed in just a few days, which I then presented to the Mayor of London.

Many of you raised concerns that scrapping the travelcard would make travelling into and around London from Croydon more complicated, especially for children who are not regular travellers and do not own a ZIP card. For others, such as those without access to technology and contactless cards – which includes some older people – it was clear that the travelcard is a lifeline. The Travelcard is also very useful for those travelling into London (including Croydon) from outside to visit friends and family, or to shop.

With over 12 million sold last year alone, it is clear that Travelcards remain a popular way to travel.

It is right that Travelcards will continue to be available, and I thank everyone who signed the petition for their support – it shows that these campaigns can be successful in bringing about change.

I do, however, fear that the Mayor of London will not budge when it comes to scrapping the ULEZ in outer London. This means that the ULEZ expansion can only be reversed by removing Sadiq Khan himself from office next May.