Dear All –

This Thursday, London votes for a new Mayor and Assembly members.  I will be supporting Susan Hall for Mayor.  She is the only candidate who can beat Sadiq Khan. Knife crime has rocketed in the last two years under Khan (by contrast to the rest of the country); the Mayor’s tax has gone up 70% under Khan; Khan has introduced the cripplingly expensive outer London ULEZ that makes no difference to air quality; Khan has missed his own housing targets and has presided over terrible finances for TfL, requiring repeated Government bail-outs.   Susan Hall by contrast has pledged to recruit more police, scrap the outer London ULEZ and concentrate on delivering, not on PR gimmicks.

I am also supporting Neil Garratt as our local London Assembly Member.  He is hard working and has been effective at exposing many of Sadiq Khan’s failings.  There is a message from Neil below.

Please do remember to vote this Thursday – you need to bring photo ID (such as a driving licence, passport or similar – there is a list of eligible documents online). If you are a postal voter, please make sure your vote arrives by Thursday or you can take your postal vote in person to a polling station and deliver it there by hand.

Let’s end Sadiq Khan’s disastrous reign in London this Thursday.

Best wishes,

Chris Philp MP

Message from Neil Garratt – running as our London Assembly Member

On Thursday London goes to the polls to elect a Mayor and Assembly. As your local London Assembly Member, I can say this is the most important London Election we’ve faced. After 8 years in office, Mayor Khan is failing in every area and refusing to listen. He doesn’t deserve another 4 years. Sitting across from him, challenging him on your behalf for the last three years, I’ve seen that more than anyone.

This Thursday, we can vote for a positive change: for Susan Hall as a Mayor who will get a grip on crime, scrap the ULEZ extension, cancel pay-per-mile preparations for all cars, and focus on the much-needed homes for families while protecting leafy neighbourhoods.

Under Labour’s Mayor Khan, the Met Police has been put in special measures, as public confidence and police morale has dropped. He cost London over £30 million in lost government funding for extra police officers by failing to recruit – the only police force in the country not to meet its recruitment target.

Susan will recruit 1,500 extra officers and bring back borough-based policing so police are focused on local crime. She will also take firm, targeted action on knife crime, women’s safety and theft, and reform the police from top to bottom to eliminate unacceptable and criminal behaviour by officers.

And Susan will scrap the ULEZ expansion and pay-per-mile plans on day one. ULEZ has hit many people hard – often the less well-off who can’t afford a newer car, can’t afford £12.50 per day, and now find themselves stuck. Khan’s next move will be to charge all cars per mile every time they drive, turning every London road into a toll road (despite denials, Khan has already commissioned the work to prepare for charging per mile). This would be a tax falling mainly on outer London to fill TfL’s coffers, which they will spend in other parts of London. As your London Assembly Member I have opposed these plans, and as your Mayor Susan Hall will scrap them.

Finally on housing, as London Mayor, Susan Hall will amend the London Plan to make it harder to destroy family homes and replace them with unwanted tower blocks. Rather, new housing must include the family housing we so desperately need. In Croydon, Mayor Perry is doing great work and Susan in City Hall will adopt a common-sense approach across London that will support Jason.

So on Thursday please vote for Susan Hall as your London Mayor, me (Neil Garratt) as your local London Assembly Member, and for a Conservative London-wide Assembly Member to support them. After 8 years of not listening, please send Sadiq a message he can’t ignore.


Neil Garratt

London Assembly Candidate for Croydon and Sutton