Latest planning objection – Coulsdon

There has been yet another planning application to demolish a family home with a block of flats, this time in Woodfield Hill in Coulsdon. You can read by objection to the application below. Please do click the share button at the bottom of this page to make others in our area aware of the local planning mess.


Demolition of a single-family dwellinghouse and erection of 1x three and four-storey block containing 2x four-bedroom houses and 4x two-bedroom flats; and 3x three-bedroom detached houses with associated access, car parking, cycle and refuse storage.

19 Woodfield Hill Coulsdon CR5 3EL

I am writing to lodge my objection to the above planning application. My reasons are as follows:

  1. The proposal for 9 new homes to replace one single family detached property would be a significant over-development of this site due to its size, height, footprint, bulk , density and massing and would be detrimental to the street scene
  2. The proposed design and intensification is more suited to an urban environment than this semi-rural green and leafy site: it would visually dominating and harmful to the street-scene.
  3. Detrimental impact on adjoining occupiers due to overlooking and loss of privacy
  4. Insufficient parking provision for residents and visitors
  5. The removal of so many mature trees across the site is completely unacceptable
  6. Concreting over of garden space; the loss of natural vegetation, and natural habitat; inadequate tree planting mitigation
  7. Lack of consideration of any impact on local infrastructure: eg schools, GPs, drainage
  8. Such intensification is no longer justifiable following the reduction in the London Plan housing targets

On these above grounds the application breaches the following policies:

Croydon Local Plan, February 2018

  • Policy SP1.2 on page 13: “The Council will require all new development in the borough to contribute to enhancing a sense of place and improving the character of the area, whilst acknowledging the need for growth … Development proposals should respond to and enhance local character
  • SP4.2 which requires development to be informed by the distinctive qualities, identity, topography and opportunities of the relevant Places of Croydon
  • Policy DM10.1, page 86: “Proposals should be of high quality and, whilst seeking to achieve a minimum height of 3 storeys, should respect: a. The development pattern, layout and siting; b. The scale, height, massing, and density; c. The appearance, existing materials and built and natural features of the surrounding area; the Place of Croydon in which it is located…. 
  • DM10.6, page 87: “The Council will support proposals for development that ensure that; a. The amenity of the occupiers of adjoining buildings are protected

National Planning Policy Framework, July 2018

  • Paragraph 8(b) “protecting and enhancing our natural, built and historic environment”
  • Paragraph 122 – “Planning Policy and decisions should support development that makes efficient use of land that, taking into account … (d) the desirability of maintaining an area’s prevailing character and setting (including residential gardens)”
  • Clause 127 (c) “Planning policies and decisions should ensure that developments … (c) are sympathetic to local character and history, including the surrounding built environment and landscape setting, while not preventing appropriate innovation or change (such as increased densities)”
  • Paragraph 131 – applications should “fit in with the overall form and layout of their surroundings”