Labour plan to build on greenbelt

Labour in Croydon has unveiled astonishing plans to build on the Green Belt in Croydon, including the open green space by Rectory Park and Mitchley Hill in Sanderstead (pictured). Their plans also contain proposals to try to change the character of places like Purley by intensifying building there.

These measures are completely unnecessary to meet housing demand (which can be met through development on brownfield and sites in Croydon town centre).

The plans will spoil the green and peaceful feel of our area. Building on Green Belt is directly contrary to the policy of the Conservative Government, and local Conservatives will fight these damaging proposals tooth and nail.

I totally disagree with the Labour council’s approach to planning. It is destructive and ineffective. We should not be destroying green space or family homes – there are other ways to meet housing needs.

The coming General Election is a chance to send a message to Labour that this kind of vandalism of our area is completely unacceptable – by voting against them. Perhaps then they might start to listen.