In Government, a new bill to curb illegal migration

Today, we are introducing a bill to curb illegal migration. This will speed up the process for removing those with no right to be in the UK by clamping down on endless, repeat, and meritless legal claims while making sure we protect those in genuine need who respect the rules. This approach is firm but fair.


In 2016, the British people voted to take back full control of their borders. The Government has already ended freedom of movement with the EU and has introduced a points-based immigration system to welcome the best and brightest from around the world. Now, we must tackle the challenge of illegal immigration which is why we are introducing the Nationality and Borders Bill.


Our new plan for immigration will speed up the removal of failed asylum seekers and dangerous foreign criminals. Our broken asylum system has lined the pockets of criminal gangs who take advantage of those in need. We will therefore introduce new maximum life sentences for criminal smugglers who facilitate illegal entry to the UK. Border force will also be empowered to do more to stop & seize small boats and search containers for hidden migrants.


Those who have arrived illegally after travelling through a safe country, like France, will be stopped from gaining immediate entry into the asylum system. We will make it easier to remove someone to a safe country while their asylum claim is processed, and we will increase the maximum sentence for illegally entering the UK. This will send a clear message to deter migrants who are thinking about making dangerous and illegal journeys to enter the country.


This Bill also includes a range of other measures which will strengthen our asylum and immigration system. We will strengthen the safe and legal ways in which people can enter the UK, and we will grant resettled refugees indefinite leave to remain. Furthermore, we will better integrate refugees who are resettled so that they have the certainty and stability necessary to rebuild their lives.


Our broken asylum system needs strengthening. In March this year, we set out the most radical changes in decades to fix it. With this Bill, we will prioritise those in most need of protection while fixing the gaps which have allowed the abuse of the system to go on for too long. It is time to act, and the fundamental reforms included in the Nationality and Borders Bill paves the way for a firm but fair asylum system.