Help stop Labour’s damaging Low Traffic Neighbourhood Schemes

You may be aware of Croydon Council’s Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme, which has been ongoing since 2020. The Council have tried to justify this as part of their safer and cleaner streets policy. Despite this, no one has seen any clear evidence that LTNs are making any tangible difference to air quality, traffic flow, or safety.

Instead, these LTNs have had a damaging effect on motorists. Many residents have written to me concerned that the signage, particularly at Parsons Mead, is not at all adequate. The Council disagrees, arguing they are within the letter of the law; this attitude clearly fails to put the interests of residents first. The result has been that unwitting motorists are receiving penalty notices, hurting both residents and businesses in Croydon’s Low Traffic Neighbourhood areas.

This is all due to the bankrupt Council’s continuous failure to consider the impact of its policies on residents. Nobody was consulted about these traffic regulations, and residents are now expected to simply put up with what the Labour Administration has forced upon them. Residents are confused and frustrated with how Croydon Council has acted, and we must make sure that the Council listens.

That is why I am supporting a petition calling on Croydon Council to remove the trials of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. While a consultation is supposed to be launched over the next few weeks, this cannot simply be a tick box exercise. Traffic regulations such as this should be about achieving results that make our streets safer and greener, not about taking in money from unsuspecting motorists.

By signing the petition, which you can find here, you can ensure that the Council hears this and listens to us.