Government to invest £1 million to fix Croydon’s roads

The Government has granted Croydon an extra £956,000 in order to fix potholes and other highways issues.

The £956,000 is being granted as part of a national investment of £450 million into England’s roads – the largest ever single cash injection of its kind.

The plans to provide the increase in funding were announced in the budget in October and are set to come into effect before the impact of winter weather.

This is an important boost for Croydon’s roads, which require vital maintenance and improvement work.

The Minister for Transport (Jesse Norman) has stated that this money should be used for potholes, keeping local bridges and structures safe, and to help with minor highways works.

It’s important that the council takes this guidance on board and ensures that the money is spent to benefit residents.

This is almost a million pounds that – if spent well – can be used to provide a significant improvement for Croydon’s road users.