Fighting Puppy Smuggling

Given how many animal lovers there are in Croydon South, I thought you might be interested to know Parliament has just banned importing puppies and other very young animals, to safeguard their welfare.

I supported the Animal Welfare (Importation of Dogs, Cats and Ferrets) Bill, under which people selling pets are banned from importing puppies under six months old or heavily pregnant dogs, and importing ‘mutilated’ animals, such as puppies with cropped ears, would also be banned.

The plans were brought forward in a Private Members Bill by North Devon MP Selaine Saxby. The Bill will also cover the importation of cats and ferrets into the country The Bill will stop criminal gangs profiting from the suffering of young animals. By ensuring pets can only be brought into this country in the safe, proper and correct way, this Bill will help bring puppy smuggling to an end.