Family Homes To Be Replaced With Flats On Purley Way


Demolition of existing 5 residential dwellings and erection of residential development formed of 3 blocks of flats ranging from 6 – 12 storey’s comprising 155 flats with associated land level alterations, landscaping, access cycle and car parking 

922 – 930 Purley Way Purley CR8 2JL 

You may be aware of the above planning application for Purley Way. I am writing to let you know that the application is being heard by the Planning Committee on: Thursday 25 February. The meeting starts at 6.00pm.

In essence my concerns are that:

  1. The proposal for three blocks of accommodation – a 12 storey, a 9 storey and a 6 storey building – is completely out of character with the local area in terms of style, height, density, size, footprint and massing.
  2. The proposal to build 155 homes on a site currently hosting 5 houses constitutes very considerable over-development and completely fails to respect the character of Purley
  3. 12 storeys is far too high for this site and completely out of character with the local surrounding area.
  4. The proposal for a 12 storey block falls into a tall building category. Croydon Local Plan only allows for one high rise building in Purley and that has been taken by the approval of 16/02994/P – Purley Baptist Church
  5. The three blocks of flats proposed fail to respect the transition from an urban to a suburban character.
  6. Inadequate parking provision
  7. concreting over garden space with unacceptable loss of trees, natural vegetation and natural habitat

Since this is such a large scheme, I have been able to register to speak at the meeting.

If you share my concerns and haven’t commented to date then you can still do so up until the decision date via the Council’s website at