Croydon Town Centre Regeneration Events and Exhibition

Croydon Council is continuing with a programme of workshops as part of ‘The Croydon Urban Room’ to inform the future regeneration of the town centre, offering residents, businesses and partners the opportunity to get involved. The Croydon Urban Room is a space created to talk about the future of the North End Quarter and wider town centre. The engagement sessions guide participants through creative activities, look at shared priorities and test ideas for potential changes that could improve and support the town centre.

The Croydon Urban Room objectives are to:

  1. make planning visible and democratise access to it
  2. foster exchange of local expertise and knowledge
  3. connect communities, industry and the Government
  4. empower individuals to participate in changes and decisions that relate to the built environment

Obviously, Croydon town centre is in urgent need of improvement, and the £18.5 million ‘Levelling Up’ Government funding we received is helping fund six projects covering the South End restaurant quarter, East Croydon Station, West Croydon Station and Old Town and Croydon Minster.

Speaking of the town centre, the Whitgift Centre is also in an appalling condition and desperately needs to be pulled down and rebuilt. Westfield’s new Master Plan application for a phased regeneration of the Whitgift Centre and the surrounding area is expected later this year. I will share any further updates on this as soon as I have them.

I would encourage residents to get involved and have their say in the future of the North End Quarter and wider town centre.

  • Thursday 18 April – Saturday 25 May-Croydon’s Future Spaces’ Exhibition. Free and open to all, Tuesday-Saturday, 10-5pm.
  • Friday 3 May, 4-6pm, Truth Be Told: Building Our Croydon, led by Melody Akanji. A workshop all about giving the people of Croydon the tools and a platform to shape the future of the town centre.
  • Saturday 4 May, 11am-3pm, Please Dream Responsibly – a Croydon Reimagining, led by RESOLVE Collective. Find out how decisions about the town centre are made and have the opportunity to influence the regeneration strategy.

 All events and the exhibition are being held at Croydon Urban Room, Units 161-162 & 1161-1162 Whitgift Centre, Croydon CR0 1UQ. Find out more and sign up on the Croydon Urban Room website here: