Croydon to receive an extra £3.8 million in Government funding boost

The Government has announced that it will increase adult social care funding in our borough by £3.8 million.
The extra money will be allocated to two key areas, £2.4 million for adult and child social care, and £1.4 million to relieve pressure on local NHS services during winter.
The move follows a commitment in the Government’s budget to provide £1 billion in extra funding to authorities across England.
The boost in funding is intended to benefit social care services provided by councils like Croydon, and to ease the burden on the NHS.
This increase in funding is also intended to allow the council to improve social care for older people, people with disabilities, and children.
This extra £3.8 million funding from the Government provides an important opportunity to the council.
The extra money can be used to help local health services, improve social care, and improve the standard of help received by those people that need it.
Across the country, there will be a real-terms increase in funding for local government – for both 2018-19 and 2019-20.
I hope that Croydon Council will spend the money wisely and where it is needed.