Croydon Schools Funding

There has been some misinformation circulated about school funding which I am keen to correct. The proposed National Funding Formula re-distributes funding to correct some historic unfairness. Croydon schools actually benefit, as Croydon has been historically underfunded. For example, Woodcote High will get a 10% increase (worth £500,000 a year), Riddlesdown will get a 10% increase and Oasis Coulsdon a 12% increase. Primary schools benefit too. Some inner London schools would have lost out because they had been over-funded historically but there has now been a manifesto commitment that no school anywhere would get a funding cut (Croydon is unaffected by this as we are getting increases anyway). In addition to this, the Conservatives just announced an extra £4 billion for schools in their manifesto, meaning that the overall schools budgets will rise faster than inflation.