Croydon School Funding

Historically, outer London Boroughs have received less school funding than inner London Boroughs. I have been lobbying the Government to rectify this, and they recently published an updated National Funding Formula in response.

I am delighted to say that Croydon does very well from this. Starting in 2018/19 (i.e. the financial year starting April 2018) all Croydon Secondary schools should get a 3% funding increase over and above the normal inflation-linked increases. There will be another 3% above inflation the year after and when fully “caught up” Woodcote will get an extra 13.5% above the normal inflation-based increases, Riddlesdown 12.7% extra, Oasis Coulsdon 14.1% extra and Harris Purley 7.2%. Croydon Primary Schools will also get above-inflation increases averaging about 2%, although it varies school-to-school. This is great news for education in the Borough.

The full link is here, and you can look up individual schools in the second spreadsheet: