Croydon Council’s Parking Consultation

Dear All,
I thought it would be helpful to share the details of some proposed changes to parking charges in Croydon, which are currently out to consultation.
Full details are in the link below, but the main proposed change is that motorists will get 1-hour free parking in all district and local centres. This is already available in some local high streets, but this will now be extended to all district centres across the Borough. The maximum stay in all district centres will also be increased to 2 hours, with only a small charge for the second hour.
Some areas where the current 30 minute free parking are proposed to be extended to an hour are: South End; Selsdon Road; London Road Croydon and Central Parade Car Park.
A flat rate charge is also proposed to be introduced for on-street 12-hour maximum stay bays for parking stays of more than 8 hours, reducing the current rates for longer parking sessions.
It is also proposed that emissions-based parking charges would be updated. Full details are in the consultation, but for vehicles with emissions over 185 g/km of CO2 there is no change. Some current discounts to charges at emissions levels below 185 g/km are proposed to be reduced.
Making the 1-hour free parking policy apply to district centres boroughwide and increasing the maximum stay to 2 hours, with a small (and usually reduced) fee for the second hour, will help provide a boost to local businesses and make it easier to shop locally.
You can find full details of the proposals (which are quite complex) and a place to comment on them are here: 
This consultation is separate to the move to make payment for on-street parking via App or at a designated local shop (so not using coins in a meter any more, which is apparently expensive to collect).
The deadline for submitting comments to the consultation is 11.59pm, 9 May 2024 and I encourage everyone who is interested to have their say.
I hope this update is useful.
With kind regards
Chris Philp MP
Member of Parliament for Croydon South