COVID-19 and Seasonal Flu

I am thankful that we find ourselves in a much better position this year as we enter the winter months compared to last year. Thanks to the phenomenal success of our healthcare professionals and volunteers taking part in the vaccination rollout, the data show that the link between cases, hospitalisations, and deaths has weakened significantly. Regardless, we must remain proactive and vigilant for a severe uptick of both COVID-19 and seasonal flu, which will both thrive during the winter.

With the risk of both flu and coronavirus circulating, it is more important than ever for everyone to come forward as soon as possible to get either their COVID-19 vaccines and their flu vaccine. The South West London Clinical Commissioning Group is currently advertising a number of walk-in and pop-up vaccination clinics for anyone who has not yet received their 1st or 2nd COVID vaccine dose. To book your flu vaccine, please contact your GP.

I will of course continue to monitor this situation closely as we continue toward winter.