Council bin shocker

The council are planning major changes to waste and recycling collections. Currently we have a black wheelie bin for waste, two recycling crates (green and blue), a garden waste wheelie bin if you have paid for that and the small food waste box.

The council is now planning to provide a third wheelie bin to replace the current blue crate and a fourth wheelie bin for general waste – with the old black waste wheelie bin then replacing the green crate (I was confused at first too!). This means that if you pay for the green waste service you could end up with four large wheelie bins at your property.

I have joined local councillors in asking the council what to do with the old blue and green crates. We were told there might be one collection of them – so we could end up with the borough strewn with abandoned crates. With four large wheelie bins and leftover crates, there are legitimate concerns that local people’s homes could end up looking like a municipal recycling centre.