Coulsdon Town Planning Win!

I write again with good news that two proposals to demolish a single existing family home – at 3 South Drive, Coulsdon, CR5 2BJ – were refused planning permission by officers last week.

The first proposal sought to construct a three-storey building containing eight flats, along with car and cycle parking spaces, refuse storage and landscaping. The second proposal sought to construct a three-storey terrace of four houses, which, whilst slightly more palatable than the first proposal, was still too over intensive for the site.

It is fantastic that planning decisions are now being properly made – either by the Planning Committee or officers – after careful consideration and with respect to well-reasoned objections. As the illustration at the top of this email demonstrates, the proposed imposing building would have impacted the privacy of neighbouring properties. The proposed developments were also found to have caused unacceptable parking stress on the road. Overall, therefore, both proposals represented a significant overdevelopment of the site and did not respect the character of the road.

I am very keen to see more homes built, particularly for younger people. However, I believe that blocks of flats are better suited to Croydon Town Centre and closer to Central London, as well as brownfield sites. Much needed family homes in green suburbs should not be destroyed and replaced by flats or too many houses on one plot. I will continue to fight to protect the character of our neighbourhood – and I am so pleased that after many years of being ignored our views are finally being heard.