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I receive hundreds of letters and emails from residents every week. I aim to get back to people’s enquiries as soon as I can and I would love to hear from you.

If you’d like my help with a problem or simply want to let me know your views, you can contact via the details below.

Required information: Please ensure that you provide your address if you wish to contact me, as this will allow me to check that you live in Croydon South.

Mail or Email

Chris Philp
36 Brighton Road

Email: chris@chrisphilp.com

Constituency Surgeries

If you would like an appointment then please do email me at chris@chrisphilp.com


Chris Philp – running for re-election in Croydon South

I want public services to be there for everyone. That’s why I helped secure £25m for a new A&E Department at Croydon...

Why we’re backing Chris