Chris Philp MP secures Brexit promise from the Prime Minister

In a parliamentary question to the Prime Minister, South Croydon MP Chris Philp secured a pledge for the first time from the Prime Minister that the Government would publish a document detailing the Government’s plans for leaving the European Union.

You can watch the video of Chris’ question here –

The document, known as a Government White Paper, will be a report that informs Parliament and the general public that sets out Government policies and proposals.

Asking the question at Prime Minister’s Questions on 25 January, Chris Philp called for the White Paper in order to provide Parliament with the opportunity to scrutinise the Government’s plan for a “global Britain based on free trade in goods and services that would be to the benefit of us and other European countries.”

In her response, the Prime Minister said that she recognised “an appetite in [Parliament] to see [the Government’s] plan set out in a White Paper” and that “I can confirm to [Parliament] that our plan will be published in a White Paper.”

The Prime Minister also guaranteed that Parliament would have “every opportunity” to scrutinise the Government’s plan for leaving the European Union.

Following Prime Minister’s Questions, Chris said: “The Prime Minister’s commitment to provide details on the Government’s plans to leave the EU is an important move for this country.

“In ensuring that Parliament is able to scrutinise the Government’s plans for Brexit, the Prime Minister is ensuring a more democratic process that will provide Britain and the EU with the best possible deal moving forwards.

“During the referendum I made no secret that I wanted Britain remain in the European Union – however, I strongly believe that since the people of Britain voted to leave the EU, we in Parliament should respect that vote.

“However, it is important that Parliament is able to provide the Government’s plans with the proper level of scrutiny and I therefore think that the Prime Minister’s commitment should be welcomed by people from all sides of the Brexit debate.

“It is vital that any deal that we reach is based upon free trade in goods and services, and is done in a way that benefits both Britain and other European countries.”