Brighton Road Wands and Bases to Go

Dear All,

In recent months, significant traffic and safety problems have been caused by the wands and bases along Brighton Road between South Croydon and Purley.  These were installed to demark the cycle lane at the behest of the previous Labour Council, but have led to: complaints by the emergency services that they cannot pass by traffic easily; increased congestion along this busy road; and obstructions in the cycle lane – caused by road debris and blocked gullies which the sweeping truck couldn’t reach – and which was clearly dangerous for cyclists.

A consultation found that 89% of residents wanted the wands and bases removed, and I am pleased to support our Mayor Jason Perry in his decision to remove these unpopular wands and bases. This will now start to happen in the coming weeks.

There will also be a review of a number of the junctions along the Brighton Road and the Council will be considering proposals to support local businesses here by having 15 additional parking bays situated on Biddulph Road, Churchill Road, Crunden Road, and Napier Road – which I understand would be free for the first hour.

The current junctions for review are:

1. Brighton Road junction with Haling Park Road –  given the frequent blocking for those turning right
2. Brighton Road junction with Sanderstead Road, to review the current keep clear and explore the option of a box junction
3. The one-way system along the Capella Court Gyratory leading to the junction with Riddlesdown Road
4. Brighton Road and Christchurch Road signal junction to improve traffic flow
5. Brighton Road junction with Whytecliffe Road South, opposite Purley War Memorial Hospital, with the potential for a box junction in response to queuing traffic
I am also pleased to say that there will also be a review of the parking places in Allenby Avenue to ease congestion at its junction with Brighton Road. This is something which residents have emailed me about, and I really welcome this review.

I will be working closely with Mayor Jason Perry and the local Councillors in Purley Oaks and Riddlesdown (Alasdair Stewart and Endri Llabuti), in Purley and Woodcote (Holly Ramsey, Samir Dwesar and Simon Brew) and in South Croydon (Maria Gatland, Michael Neal and Danielle Denton) to make sure this plan is a success for local residents and for road users in our neighbourhood.

More information on the fine detail of the decision can be found at:

Please do share this with friends and neighbours.  More information about what I’m doing in our local neighbourhood is at:

I hope this update is useful.

With kind regards,

Chris Philp