Another Planning Win in Couldson

I am pleased to report that yet another proposal to demolish an existing family home and erect an inappropriate block of flats was refused planning permission this week.
The proposal sought to construct a building containing eight flats, along with associated parking and landscaping, on the site a single, existing family bungalow. I am very pleased that Planning Officers used delegated powers to refuse permission to this scheme, after finding that it contradicted multiple planning policies.
It is fantastic that planning decisions are now being properly made – either by the Planning Committee or officers – after careful consideration and with respect to well-reasoned objections. I strongly objected to this proposal because it represented a significant overdevelopment due to its size and footprint, its unattractive design failed to respect the character of Reddown Road and the detrimental impact such an imposing building would have on the privacy of neighbouring properties. It is fantastic that the almost 200 local people who joined me in opposing this project have been listened to!
Of course, we need more homes, but they should be in appropriate places. Family homes in green suburbs should not be destroyed and replaced by flats, which are better suited in Croydon Town Centre and closer to Central London. I will continue to fight to protect the character of our neighbourhood – and I am so pleased that after many years of being ignored our views are finally being heard.