Against the application for flats on Bencombe Road

Croydon Council has a further application in Purley to turn a family home into a block of 7 flats. You can read the application and my objections to this below. Please do share this so that other people are aware of what’s currently happening to our part of the borough.

The best way that we can stop the council from continuing with this planning mess is through a Directly Elected Mayor. You can learn more about this campaign and download the petition here –

Re: 20/01871/FUL

Enlargement of the existing dwelling comprising the construction of a two-storey rear and front extensions, rear lower ground floor extension, hip to gable side roof extension, and front/rear roof extensions to provide 7 flats (4 x 1 bed and 3 x 2 bed) and 5 off-street parking spaces. Alteration to existing vehicular crossover.

2A Bencombe Road Purley CR8 4DQ

This proposal would be a significant overdevelopment of this site due to its size, density, footprint, bulk and massing and would be harmful to the local street scene

The roof design is bulky and fails to respect the scale and character of the neighbouring two storey family houses with pitched roofs

Loss of a good sized family home and no replacement with a three bedroom family unit; there doesn’t appear to be any family friendly accommodation and quality play areas in the proposed scheme

The proposed accommodation is described as ‘smaller accommodation” but there is no detail on room sizes
There would be a detrimental impact on the amenities of adjoining occupiers due to overlooking, overbearing impact and loss of privacy

Insufficient information regarding daylight levels in the proposed flats including the lower ground floor unit
Design offers insufficient amenity for occupiers to meet increased working from home space requirements as well as quality outside space

Lack of landscaping plans – no tree survey or indication of risk to/loss of trees and natural vegetation on this site
Concerns about the access to the proposed cycle store – negotiating two flights of steps seems impractical

The housing need is for family homes with gardens, not flats
Inadequate parking provision for residents and visitors
Inadequate consideration of impact on surface water drainage and flood risk

On these above grounds the application breaches the following policies:

Croydon Local Plan, February 2018

Policy SP1.2 on page 13: “The Council will require all new development in the borough to contribute to enhancing a sense of place and improving the character of the area, whilst acknowledging the need for growth … Development proposals should respond to and enhance local character”

Policy DM1.2, page 28 “The Council will permit the redevelopment of the residential units where it does not result in the net loss of 3 bedroom homes (as originally built)”

Policy DM10.1, page 86: “Proposals should be of high quality and, whilst seeking to achieve a minimum height of 3 storeys, should respect:

a. The development pattern, layout and siting;
b. The scale, height, massing, and density;
c. The appearance, existing materials and built and natural features of the surrounding area; the Place of Croydon in which it is located….

DM10.6, page 87: “The Council will support proposals for development that ensure that; a. The amenity of the occupiers of adjoining buildings are protected; and that b. They do not result in direct overlooking at close range or habitable rooms in main rear or private elevations; and that c. They do not result in direct overlooking of private outdoor space (with the exception of communal open space) within 10m perpendicular to the rear elevation of a dwelling”

National Planning Policy Framework, July 2018

Paragraph 8(b) “protecting and enhancing our natural, built and historic environment”

Paragraph 122 – “Planning Policy and decisions should support development that makes efficient use of land that, taking into account (a) the identified need for different types of housing … (b) local market conditions …. (c) the availability and capacity of infrastructure and services … (d) the desirability of maintaining an area’s prevailing character and setting (including residential gardens)”

Clause 127 (c) “Planning policies and decisions should ensure that developments … (c) are sympathetic to local character and history, including the surrounding built environment and landscape setting, while not preventing appropriate innovation or change (such as increased densities)”

Paragraph 131 – applications should “fit in with the overall form and layout of their surroundings”