A new traveller site at Purley Oaks Recycling Centre?

I have written before about the problems that are facing the Purley Oaks Recycling Centre, and you can read more on my campaign to #CutTheQueues here.

Rather than address the problems that residents have been facing with the Recycling Centre, the Council has inexplicably decided to make the situation much worse and is now planning to create a travellers site on the land.

I have been contacted by a large number of residents in just a few days about this proposal. I completely share their concerns and I feel that the proposed site is inappropriate for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it will cause significant disruption to the area which is almost entirely surrounded by residential properties. As such, the traveller site would be completely out of place in a suburban environment.

The pre-existing, severe traffic congestion in the area has reached breaking point recently; with queues of vehicles trying to access the recycling centre from the main road. A traveller site would greatly exacerbate this situation.

A traveller site would not only disrupt the area around the recycling centre, but would become an obstacle to any expansion to the centre. Due to the high demand to use the Recycling Centre, it would be prudent to increase its size – and therefore capacity – in the future. However the traveller site would block any future plans to do this.

I will be formally objecting to this proposal when the consultation period opens, and I strongly suggest that residents do the same. You can do this by emailing ldf@croydon.gov.uk. The latest consultation will commence on 5th September 2016 for a six week period.