A directly elected Mayor for Croydon

Croydon’s Governance system is broken. The Labour council routinely ignore us, especially on planning. This is because they can win the town hall based on a few marginal seats in the centre of the Borough. So they ignore everyone else. A group of residents’ associations from across the Borough wants to fix this by changing the way Croydon is run to a Directly Elected Executive Mayor (DEM) model – where we directly elect an Executive Mayor. This means all our votes would count equally, and whoever runs the town hall will have to listen to everyone if they want to win. If about 14,000 signatures are collected, the council has to hold a referendum on adopting a DEM. Please go to the Residents’ Group’s website and donate to their campaign and/or download their petition sheet (it has to be done on paper). Please get as many of your neighbours to sign as possible and post it back. I am sure we are all sick of being ignored by the council, and seeing them ram through planning applications against residents’ wishes virtually every week. This is now the only way to stop the council doing this.
Donate here: http://www.democ.org.uk/about-us/make-a-donation
Download the petition forms here: http://www.democ.org.uk/sign-petition