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Stop Purley Skyscraper
09/03/2015 00:52:00


Croydon’s Labour Council is seeking to force the construction of a 16 floor skyscraper in the centre of Purley, on the site with the grey hoardings on Purley Cross.

The owner of the site, the local Baptist Church, wanted to build a much smaller building, which included community facilities. However, the council has made various demands (including a £2m cash payment to the council and a significant social housing component which requires a subsidy) meaning that the only way the scheme is financially viable is to build 16 floors. The council apparently even threatened a compulsory purchase of the site if the Church did not co-operate with the skyscraper plans. The council has also indicated that they will support the planning application for the 16 floor Skyscraper.

Chris Philp and other local campaigners strongly believe that a 16 floor skyscraper is totally out of keeping with a peaceful town like Purley, and there is a danger that other developers will later try to use it as a precedent to build other skyscrapers in Purley.

The site does need redeveloping. The community facilities would be excellent. If the council drop its demands for the £2m payment and the social housing (because there are already community facilities included in the smaller plans for the benefit of everyone) then a much smaller building will be financially viable.

Please sign our petition to Stop Purley Skyscraper at:

And forward the petition link to your friends and neighbours. A community campaign recently saved Purley Pool from planned closure in April. Hopefully a similar approach can stop the Purley Skyscraper.



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