Chris Philp, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Croydon South
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Croydon South


I am a Dad, an entrepreneur and the Member of Parliament for Croydon South.

Raised just up the road in West Wickham for the first 18 years of my life, my mum worked as a primary school teacher and my dad as an archaeologist. I was offered a partial scholarship to Trinity but ended up going to a state Grammar School - St Olave’s in Orpington. I then studied Physics at Oxford, graduating with a 1st.

I set up my first business at 24 – a distribution business – and started off driving the delivery van myself. Four years later the company had successfully created over 250 jobs and was subsequently bought by the Booker Cash & Carry Group.

Now 40, I’ve since set up from scratch and then run businesses in finance, travel and a businesses which helped re-build parts of the former Yugoslavia in the aftermath of the civil war there.  So I’ve got real-world experience that is often lacking in Parliament.

I’m married to Lizzy and we have twins, Kitty and Nicholas, who were born in April 2013. Kitty and Nicholas were born prematurely, but after some incredible care at one of the NHS’s best Neonatal Intensive Care Units they are both now doing well.

I ran for Parliament partly because very few people with real-world business experience end up as MPs. I want to make sure that the Government encourages businesses to create jobs and prosperity for everyone in society.

Having made it from a south London state grammar school to Oxford, I want everyone – from all backgrounds – to have this kind of opportunity. Whether their parents are rich or poor and wherever they happen live in the country, each and every child should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential. This is one reason why I set up a charity, Next Big Thing. In 2016 the materials for this project were handed over to the company Mercer, who are continuing the charity's work with my full support. 

And having personally relied on the NHS to care for my son and daughter at a critical time, I also want to make sure that public services are there to take care of everyone when needed.

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